Posted by Chip Hemmel on 11 April 2018

“Though April showers may come your way

They bring the flowers that bloom in May

So if it's raining have no regrets

Because it isn't raining rain you know, it's raining violets….”


I love Bugs Bunny's rendition of "April Showers" as much as the next guy; but this weather is…well, I think you KNOW what it is. 

Here’s the deal gang:  THURSDAY’S RIDE IS CANCELLED.

We Thought we’d found a clear path through the showers then learned a short while ago that the rain will now be over us ’til after 8PM.

The Good News:  With more than one “Launch Pad” we’ve discovered we have some ability to shift sites to help prevent future cancellations.

Sooooo...what to do?  Head to the gym; SPIN; OptOutside (swaddled in your rain gear;) relax with a good book; wash and lube your ride; do a few (dozen) sun salutations...hey; we need some good juju here....