CR Briefing - MAY 18.

Posted by Chip Hemmel on 18 May 2017


Good morning gang!

Glad to see that many of you got out for some saddle time last night. To those who were riding out Oriskany way: Bobby Carey -- our Co-Head Shephard -- noticed you and mentioned at the Shepherd's briefing last night that he got a little emotional (in a good way) when he rolled by and saw all those little "license plates" hanging form the saddles; noting that you're all working hard to get your rides in. 

Speaking of the briefing a big thank you to BME for being such gracious and attentive hosts for out briefing and for the various snacks and drinks, including Chobani drinks. "Chobani" derives from a Persian word meaning 'shepherd" -- how 'bout that for cool factoid of the evening. BME also supplies the office equipment that cranks out our posters. 

Okay gang; if you're short CR's we expect to see your smiling faces at PAR tonight. If not; Jenna Stefka is working on a "made my minimum so I'm headed for the lovely hills to the north" ride.


Hot, sticky and a chance of thunderstorms. If thunder and lightning are imminent we'll find a spot to "shelter in place."


6:00 pm 82 °F 65 °; 55% Chnc of a T'storm 12 mph WSW
7:00 pm 81 °F 65 ° 60% Chnc of a T'storm 10 mph W
8:00 pm 77 °F 66 °; 69% Chnc of a T'storm 7 mph W

UNIFORM OF THE DAY: “As little as possible.” A/K/A moisture managing lightweight cover.

ON TOP: A short-sleeved or sleeveless wicking base layer under your bike jersey. You may also wish to have a bandana (du rag) or cap to protect your noggin. 

PLEASE NOTE: While a rain coat would be nice in the event a storm; you'll bake like a potato and/or steam like vegetables in this heat. I'd plan to drip dry. Opt for a towel, and dry clothes in the car; just in case.

BELOW THE WAIST: I’d go with bike shorts. You’ll want your light-weight wool or synthetic socks and bike gloves. 

AS ALWAYS: Have your RoadID, shades, sunblock, lip balm and a snack or two; two water bottles — one full with water; one with some sports drink — or more water if you're bringing energy chews or "bloks" as snacks - see "Fuel" post below - (3/29). 

DON'T FORGET YOUR MEDS: If you use an inhaler or epi-pen, please have them with you. 

— AND —

Please have a spare inner tube, some tire levers and a means to inflate the tube should you need to use it. Speaking of inflation of tires; please top them off before arriving — check the sidewall but most of you will be looking for somewhere around 100 - 120 PSI. If you're not sure about this part; please bring your pump in the car with you.

REMEMBER: LIMITED SAG SUPPORT - so please plan for items you can wear or stuff easily in your saddlebag or pockets.

We'll roll from PAR at 5:45.

It's "Thoreauback Thursday" and here's our weekly dose of Henry:

"By the way there came up a shower...I found myself suddenly in the shadow of a cloud, and the thunder began to rumble with such emphasis that I could do no more than listen to it. The gods must be proud, thought I, with such forked flashes to rout a poor unarmed fisherman. So I made haste for shelter to the nearest hut...."

- from WALDEN