Registration for the 2018 Ride Is Open

Posted by on 2 July 2017

2018 Ride Registration is Open 

New Riders:  

Register now and gain proficiency on such intricacies as shifting gears; calling out obstacles and hydrating from the saddle. 

If you join in on 6 of these summer rides you will gain a reserved spot in the 2018 pre-season. You will still need to attend a minimum of 4 Commitment Rides next Spring, but this will guarantee you a space for those. During this summer, we will teach you the basics of riding successfully as it will be with a smaller group in a more relaxed setting, or if you are already a proficient rider, join us for some great camaraderie.

Summer Ride Series begins July 6 and will run through the end of August (possibly longer!)

If you aren't able to ride this summer, you can still register now and you will receive all of the correspondence that goes out to the Ride Family so that you can be a part of the events that we do this Summer and Fall.


Returning Riders: 

We are trying something different this year. You are welcome to register now for a reserved spot in the 2018 RFMC-CNY.

Like previous years, once your application is reviewed and approved, a confirmation email will be sent to you after you within a few days after you submit your registration.

Enrolling is easy; just click the link below to access the registration form.  You will come to the main 2018 RFMC-CNY page. Click on the “register” button and follow the instructions from there. When registering you are creating your fundraising account. So make sure to remember the email address and password that you use for creating your profile. You will use that whenever accessing your on-line fundraising page.


Wishing you all a Cycling Fun Summer!