Posted by Chip Hemmel on 15 April 2017

Another beautiful morning with the moon and stars filling the sky greeted Sandy and me as we walked out the door this morning. Fingers of high clouds rolled in from the northwest, providing some drama to the scene as we walked. Just as I noted there were no navigation lights of passing planes this morning, a jet contrail streaked slowly across the sky. It appeared as if it were a diagonal chalk line, dusty white against the slate blue-grey sky, leaving a growing streak of its passing behind...

Good Morning everyone. YES; WE'RE ON!

We’ll have a partly sunny and mild start with the temperature at 9:00 predicted to be 53 degrees with S winds at 7 mph; and will finish somewhere around 62 degrees with SSW winds at 12 mph.

UNIFORM OF THE DAY: Moisture managing lightweight warmth.

ON TOP: I'd suggest a wicking base under a light long sleeve insulating layer or arm warmers with your bike jersey as the outer layer. You may want a lightweight jacket or vest while hanging around in the parking lot but I’d toss it in the car prior to departure. You may also wish to have your Buff and a bandana (du rag) or cap. Once we get out on the road we’ll warm up quickly so keep the layers light.

BELOW THE WAIST: I’d go with bike shorts (you may want knee or leg warmers to start) or 3/4 length (Capri’s) bottoms. You’ll also want your mid-weight wool or synthetic socks; glove liners under your bike gloves to start. 

AS ALWAYS: Have your RoadID, shades, sunblock, lip balm and a snack or two; two water bottles — one full with water; one with some sports drink — or more water if you're bringing energy chews or "bloks" as snacks - see "Fuel" post below. (3/29). DON'T FORGET YOUR MEDS: If you use an inhaler or epi-pen, please have them with you. You may want to let Dr. Ritter or Dr. Rubin know you have them aboard.


Please have a spare inner tube, some tire levers and a means to inflate the tube should you need to use it. Please remember to inflate your tires before arriving — check the sidewall but most of you will be looking for somewhere around 100 - 120 PSI. If you're not sure about this part; please bring your pump in the car with you.

REMEMBER: SAG SPACE IS LIMITED - so plan for items you can wear or stuff easily in your saddlebag or pockets.

Please arrive at PAR no later than 8:30 if you have already received your tag; if you have not please plan on arriving between 8:15 and 8:30.

We’re half way through New Crew Haiku month; Judy Reilly and Nedra Isenberg are our leaders in the clubhouse. 

These spring rides, rolling through the countryside as it comes back to life, honing our skills and getting to know each other, are times of anticipation and possibilities.

Rise early, watch the sun do the same, have some breakfast, enjoy a cup of tea or coffee, listen to the “Dawn Chorus” of birdsong…then hop on your bike and ride…

The scent of coffee
And the windows wide open…

Haiku by Guillermo Delgado