Being a Rider in The Ride For Missing Children is a challenging, rewarding and humbling experience. You will be a part of the biggest unified team in our area. There are other sporting/fundraising events but you are a solo entity. Here, you are a family.

You’ll be riding 2 x 2 as a unified team of bicyclists for approximately 90 miles, escorted by the NYS Police and local law enforcement of the jurisdictions along our route. The Ride stops at schools along the way for educational rest stops. We engage with the students bringing our message of child safety and abduction prevention and there is often a presentation at each school. For others, we Ride by while the students cheers us on. Before the Ride we reach out to schools that may or may not be along the Ride route with educational and awareness programs. This way we reach hundreds of schools throughout the year, each year.

This event is not about a bike ride. The bicycles are a tribute to Sara who was walking her bike when she was abducted, and they are the vehicles we use to make our journey and carry our message along. They provide a visible means to spread our message about the plight of missing and exploited children, and the importance of child safety education. Our bicycles help us to communicate with those whom we ride by and to educate those that we visit.


To participate as a Rider, you must be willing and capable of making several commitments, including:

Beginning in January you will attend monthly programs/meetings to learn about the Ride, get fitted for your jersey, turn in donations, etc. But most importantly you will engage with other thoughtful, caring, people in our community who have joined together for a common cause. You’ll attend training rides and become comfortable riding 2 x 2 and learning the rules of the road. Our Shepherds are experienced Riders that will help you along the way.