2018 Commitment Ride (CR) Details are below! Read carefully!

Thursday Rides – Departing at 5:45PM from Whitesboro High School (6000 State Route 291, Marcy)
Saturday Rides – Departing at 9:00AM from Westmoreland Middle School (5176 State Route 233, Westmoreland)
Sunday Rides – Departing at 9:00AM from Whitesboro High School (6000 State Route 291, Marcy)

Riders be advised that we plan on having bathrooms available at the start of the commitment rides. There may be times when they aren’t available when we get back. There are public restrooms close to the school locations at nearby convenience stores.

Starting 3/31 weather permitting we will start our 2018 CR season. Please check the Ride Line #315-624-RIDE (7433) (after 6:30am on Sat morning) or on Facebook to confirm if there is a CR for the next few weeks. With the iffy weather, CRs could be impacted.

Please arrive to all CRs at least 30 minutes ahead of the scheduled departure to get checked in and have your gear ready. There will be SAG vehicles available at each ride to hold a bag, please note the Thursday and Saturday Rides will be approximately 2 Hours in length and you will travel over 20 miles give or take with hills, turns and a regroup. Sunday’s rides will cover greater distances and will account for greater time. So please plan accordingly.

All Returning Riders must attend 2 CRs and be signed off on. New Riders must attend 4 CRs and be signed off on.

We are using a different check in process for this year’s Commitment Rides, which will require you to have a barcode.

1) You will be able to download the barcode for that day’s CR on your smartphone, there will be someone there to scan it.
2) If you don’t have a smartphone, you can register on-line and print your barcode, bring it with you for the CR.
3) If you aren’t able to follow this procedure at home, there will be someone at the CR to assist you.

This is the link: https://www.ticketsource.us/ride-for-missing-children-2018

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are there a limited number of tickets available for a particular ride?
There are no limit for the amount of e-tickets going out for each CR.

Is there a benefit to signing up early for a ride (days or even a week in advance) or is it better to wait until you know for sure that you can make a ride?
If you are unsure, there is no need to schedule way in advance…. hold off and sign up once you know you plan to Ride. The shepherds can use this as a gauge for how many riders there will be.

If you get a ticket but things change, can you cancel it somehow or does it not matter?
Even though a rider cannot cancel once they sign up, it isn’t held against them if they can’t make it.

I see an option that says it will cost $ 0.50?
Please select the $ 0.00 option. There is no charge for this scanning process

What if I decide last minute to Ride that day?
Just click on the link, and register once you decide. You can register while in the parking lot of that day’s commitment ride.

Can I use the barcode from a previous ride for every Commitment Ride?
No, once you use the barcode for that day’s ride, it becomes obsolete. Each CR has its own “identifying” barcode.

What if I don’t have a smartphone and I am not able to print my barcode at home?
Please arrive a few minutes earlier than you usually do. The volunteers that scan the riders in will be able to assist you.