Schools Committee

The mission of The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) includes providing safety education to schools, parents, and community organizations. We have many services and resources available.

The NCMEC-NY Mohawk Valley Office offers a trained group of volunteers who are able to provide small or large group presentations to students, PTO/PTA’s, local businesses and many other groups . The Speaker’s Bureau is a service offered at no charge by NCMEC. Topics include:

  • Personal Safety
  • Bicycle Safety
  • Overview of NCMEC
  • The Ride for Missing Children

NCMEC’s Program Director, Wendy Fical speaks to student and adult audiences on topics such as Internet Safety, Cyberbullying and Sexting, Safe Use of Electronic Devices, all at no charge.

If you are interested in scheduling a speaker for an event, please contact the Mohawk Valley Office.

The Ride For Missing Children

If your school is located along The Ride for Missing Children, or if your school would just like to become involved in the event in some way, there are several programs that may interest you. To learn more about any of these programs, please contact Karen LaScala.


A wonderful way for our riders and volunteers to connect with the children at our Ride Stop and Ride-by schools is to visit a school and read to the children.  After we finish reading to the students, we can engage the children in a short discussion of how to keep themselves safe.  On the day of the RFMC, as the Ride goes by or stops, the children would have some new ‘friends’ to cheer for!  We teach our volunteer readers what they need to know to become a part of this group to spread our mission of safety and we also connect the readers with a participating school.  Requirements are simple: knowing how to read to children and learning NCMEC’s Four Rules of Safety so that you are able to hold a short conversation with the children on one of these rules.

Pennies for Posters

The Pennies for Posters program provides an opportunity for children to contribute to something  important. By raising money through coin collections, students help fund the distribution of posters by the Center.

Distributing posters is one of the most effective tools used to help locate children who are missing.  NCMEC has a 97.5% successful recovery rate when posters are employed to find missing children.


Paper bikes can be made available to purchase at a school’s main office (or other designated location) for $1.00. The donor can write their name on the paper bike and hang it up in a designated location in the building. This is an easy, affordable way for faculty, staff, parents, and students to support the event.

You may contact our office at 315-732-7233 to order Hang a Bike tags or Pennies for Poster jars.

Strides for the Ride

Get your students moving with a pledge walk to support the Ride for Missing Children. Invite a rider or riders to be involved too. The students can walk the hallways, sidewalks or track at their own school and feel as if they have also become a part of the Ride family.

Student Ambassadors

High school students who are riders are invited to join the Ambassador Program to bring more awareness of the Ride mission to your school.  Interested students are asked to contact Wendy Fical for more details.

Join The Mission of Awareness

Community Outreach volunteers staff our NCMEC information table at community events such as Boolermaker, Utica Zoo Days, Kids Heart Run, school open houses, various health and safety days and home shows.

If you are a registered rider or volunteer who wants to participate in the Spokespeople, Speakers Bureau or Community Outreach groups, please contact Karen LaScala.