Normally during this time of year, we hope that Punxsutawney Phil does not see his shadow. Then we are closer to Spring weather (hopefully GOOD spring weather)!

But as riders, there is a special thing about shadows. Lisa Buske (sister of missing child ~ Heidi Allen) gave us the most heartwarming way to think of what a shadow represents:

Once the weather clears and you are riding your bike, know that the shadow you see of all of your reflections represents all of the missing children out there. They are with us at every pedal stroke, helping us along our route. If you are a volunteer and are outside taking a walk or a run, know that the shadows are with you too! Thanking you for all that you do for our Riders and our Children.

Hoping that February will be a month of successful preparation for you whether you are a rider or a volunteer. Please be sure to read the February bulletin (click here), as there is a lot of great information.

In March, we will open our apparel website, stay tuned for more details as that month gets closer.

Whether a volunteer or a rider…. THANK YOU for your help in:
“Making Our Children Safer…One Child at a Time”