Dear RFMC Participants,

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we have worked to develop a plan for the 2020 Rides.  The safety of our Riders, Volunteers, Law Enforcement Partners and Community is our top priority and due to ongoing health concerns surrounding COVID-19 we were left with only one responsible choice – to reimagine The Ride for Missing Children 2020.

As our veteran riders know, this event is not about a bike ride.  It is about raising awareness and spreading a message of prevention and of hope.  The bicycles are simply a vehicle to help carry our message along.  This event is about raising critical funds to support our cause and with children spending more time online, away from the safe haven of school and camp, the need is greater than ever.

We are excited to share with you that The Ride will continue! Welcome to The Ride for Missing Children 2020!  Miles for Hope: One Month, One Team, One Mission.

This year, instead of hosting five individual rides throughout New York and one in Texas, we will host a single event spanning the month of September and participation will be open across the United States. The slogan “Miles for Hope” represents the fact that there are multiple ways to participate, and that opens the door to a whole new audience! This September we will harness our collective energy and join together as ONE Team with ONE Mission – to make children safer.

If you have registered prior to June 1, thank you!  Your registration has been automatically transferred to Miles for Hope and no further action is required.  If you have not yet registered please consider signing up today and recruiting a friend or two – remember, they don’t need to be a rider to participate this year!  Click below to register!



Over the coming weeks, we will continue to roll out our plan for Miles for Hope, but you can get involved right now!   We need your help to spread the word of positivity and excitement to your friends, family and community!  Our team has been hard at work brainstorming ideas to excite our returning Riders and spread our message of hope far and wide. The ride will look different this year, but we assure you, it will be meaningful.

Finally, we are asking that all of our Riders remember their mission.  If you haven’t started fundraising yet, please do so today.  This year more than any, every dollar counts and every mile to raise awareness matters.  Although we will be riding separately to ensure the safety of everyone involved, we remain bound together by a singular mission – to make our children safer, one child at a time.

Thank you all for your support and dedication – we are so proud of our Riders and our community!  We’ve included a list of FAQ’s in an attempt to answer some of the questions about this year’s format.  If you don’t find the answer to your question on the list, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

There are great things to come and exciting announcements on the horizon – stay tuned!