Families of Missing Children

Part of the Ride For Missing Children includes a Families Committee. We make sure the Ride is meaningful and comfortable for our honored guests: families who continue to search for their missing child, families who have been reunited with their missing child, and families who’s child has been recovered deceased.

At the Ride, we help our families participate at their comfortable level. We have some family guests who choose to be identified and participate by speaking, wearing the designated families t-shirt, giving media interviews and standing roadside cheering our Riders along.

We also respect and accommodate families who would like to participate in or support the Ride in a less public manner or even anonymously. Among our Riders and Volunteers are many who choose this path. On Ride day we often have 40-60 family members in and among our families van, Riders and Volunteers and others who choose to participate by standing roadside and cheering us on.

Our families are invited to participate in the choosing the ribbon color displayed for their loved ones roadside tribute and many elect to stand roadside with their child’s tribute sign.