Sure; the sky was filled with layered clouds but a mild, freshening breeze was sweeping them out to the east, carrying with is the scents of lilacs and the flowering trees; raining petals down around us like a fine, light snowfall. Sandy was snuffing a scent she’d picked up and, while I waited for her to get into gear, the thinning upper clouds were giving way to dark sky and drawing my gaze up between the passing low clouds, searching for stars. We set out down the street, listening to the trill of peepers and the song of our, as yet unidentified, night bird. Reaching Oxford Road and turning toward Sherrill Lane our approach caused the night bird to stop singing and the utter silence of the morning enveloped us…moments passed…then two cars, one northbound, one southbound came along passing jus feet from where we stood, before continuing off in their respective directions and vanishing. By now we’d passed the tree where our night bird sings, sufficiently far enough away for it to resume its song, until Sandy decided it wa some to head home and it ceased once more. As we came back u the street, the breeze gusting; a train now passing down through the wetland along Route 8, the clouds at last opened enough to let a few stars peek through. With the trains rumble in our ears and the petals falling all around us and riding the breeze eastward, we sauntered home…

..where Sandy snoozes alongside me as the rain begins to fall.

Good morning everyone.

Yesterday’s impromptu “road trip” to the soccer tournament led to some spirited and creative thinking about today’s “flight plan” which facilitated the Beach Ride moving to next weekend and ushered in the “Groovin’ On A Sunday Afternoon” Ride.

So, with The “Young” Rascals lead singer and songwriter, this one written with Eddie Brigati, Felix Cavaliere’s, lead vocal crooning in our ear, let’s get right to the report:


RIDE WEATHER: Partly cloudy and mild. High 67F. Winds WNW at 12-13, swinging around to the West as the afternoon progresses.


4:00 pm; 66 °F; 54 °F; 66%; Cloudy; WNW @ 13
5:00 pm; 67 °F; 53 °F; 59%; Mostly Cloudy; WNW @ 12
6:00 pm; 67 °F; 51 °F; 55%; Partly Cloudy; W @ 13

UNIFORM OF THE DAY: Moisture managing light-weight Groovin’ On A Sunday Afternoon kit.

ON TOP: A wicking light short or long sleeve layer with your bike jersey as the outer layer. You may want your arm warmer along as we’re heading into the hills but the temps are predicted to stay mild. You may want a bandana (du rag), beanie or cap AND, of course, your bike gloves

BELOW THE WAIST: I’d go with bike shorts or 3/4 length (Capri’s) bottoms. You’ll also want your light-weight wool or synthetic socks.

AS ALWAYS: Have your RoadID, shades, sunblock, lip balm and a snack or two; two water bottles — one full with water; one with some sports drink — or more water if you’re bringing energy chews or “bloks” as snacks.

DON’T FORGET YOUR MEDS: If you use an inhaler or epi-pen, please have them with you. You may want to let one of our ERT’s know you have them aboard.


— AND —

LIGHTS – FORE AND AFT. (Always good to make our presence known, particularly in the late afternoon and evening hours.)

Please have a spare inner tube, some tire levers and a means to inflate the tube should you need to use it. Remember to stop off your tires before arriving — check the sidewall but most of you will be looking for somewhere around 100 – 120 PSI. If you’re not sure about this part; please bring your pump in the car with you.

REMEMBER: Sag space is limited. So plan for items you can wear or stuff easily in your saddlebag or pockets.

Please arrive at WHITESBORO HIGH SCHOOL 6000 NY-291, Marcy, NY 13403 no later than3:30PM(1530). We’ll roll at 4PM(1600)


This afternoon’s route is one of a group bought to us by Molly who has a keen eye for spotting a way to step up a hill; a lovely creek crossing; a quiet country road and… yes; a “snarky little hill” here and there. As she’s often quoted: “No problem; just up and over.”

This afternoon’s route has a little of everything and, after the initial nerves and anxiety of “launch,” you’ll find yourself rolling along, calming down, enjoying the scenery and … “groovin.”

“…We’ll keep on spending sunny days this way
We’re gonna talk and laugh our time away
I feel it comin’ closer day by day
Life would be ecstasy, you and me endlessly…Groovin….”

from “Groovin’ ”
by Felix Cavaliere and Eddie Brigati