Sunday Morning…Memorial Day Weekend. Let’s go to the beach


(Cue Arthur Conley and…play)

“Do you like good music? (YEAH, YEAH)
That sweet soul music? (YEAH,YEAH)
Just as long as it’s swinging’ (YEAH,YEAH)
Oh yeah, oh yeah….”

RIDE WEATHER: Cloudy and mild. High 70F. Winds see at 10 – 11.


8:00 am; 66 °F; 63 °F; 88%; Cloudy; ESE @ 10
9:00 am; 67 °F; 63 °F; 86%;Cloudy; ESE @ 10
10:00 am; 68 °F; 63 °F; 84%; Cloudy; ESE @ 10
11:00 am; 68 °F; 59°F; 83%; Cloudy; ESE @ 10
12:00 pm; 69 °F; 57 °F; 61%; Cloudy; ESE @ 11
1:00 pm; 70°F; 63 °F; 79%; Cloudy; ESE @ 11

UNIFORM OF THE DAY: Moisture managing lightweight Summer kit.

ON TOP: A short-sleeved wicking base layer under your bike jersey. You may also wish to have a bandana (du rag) or cap to protect your noggin and standard half-fingered bike gloves.

BELOW THE WAIST: I’d go with bike shorts. You’ll also want your light-weight wool or synthetic socks.

AS ALWAYS: Have your RoadID, shades, sunblock (we can dream), lip balm and a snack or two; two water bottles — one full with water; one with some sports drink — or more water if you’re bringing energy chews or “bloks” as snacks.

DON’T FORGET YOUR MEDS: If you use an inhaler or epi-pen, please have them with you. You may want to let one of our ERT’s know you have them aboard.


ANDDD…DAYTIME RUNNING LIGHTS. We’re riding into a beach town on a Holiday Weekend…  while they should still be sleeping off last night and brunching there’s always a possibility of heavy traffic.

PLEASE HAVE A SPARE INNER TUBE…some tire levers and a means to inflate the tube should you need to use it. Remember to stop off your tires before arriving — check the sidewall but most of you will be looking for somewhere around 100 – 120 PSI. If you’re not sure about this part; please bring your pump in the car with you.

REMEMBER: Sag space is limited. So plan for items you can wear or stuff easily in your saddlebag or pockets.

Please arrive at WHIESBORO HIGH SCHOOL 6000 NY-291, Marcy, NY 13403 no later than 7:30AM (0730).

WE ROLL AT 8AM(0800).


THIS IS IT GANG; the LAST CR of 2018. Come on out and play with us…one more time:

“People stay just a little bit longer
We want to play, just a little bit longer

Now the Shepherds don’t mind
And the SAG CREW don’t mind
If we take a little time
before we leave it all behind and roll
One more mile

Oh won’t you stay
Just a little bit longer
Please please please, say you will
Say you will…”

from “STAY”
by Maurice WIllams, with embellishment by Jackson Browne and Yours Truly.