Our big day is tomorrow! Remember, our Ride is RAIN OR SHINE! Our leadership team will be monitoring weather closely, and we have multiple locations along the route where we can take shelter if necessary.

  • 5:00am ~ Rider & Volunteer Buses Load @ NH Shopping Center *PLEASE PARK IN THE BACK OF THE PARKING LOT WHERE THE LINE OF TREES AREPlease DO NOT park near the stores.
  • 5:20am ~ Buses Depart for Troop D
  • 6:30am ~ Opening Ceremony begins
  • 7:50am ~ 2018 RFMC Begins. Ride Route Located Here!
  • 6:20pm ~ Arrival at NH Rec Center

Important Ride Logistics!

  • On Ride Day, you will be a member of a team of nearly 500 strong, supported by over 125 volunteers, and protected by dozens of law enforcement members. On Ride Day, the Command Car (First State Police Vehicle) behind the Riders does more than just play the favored tunes from the speaker systems. This vehicle serves as the mobile command post for this 85-mile mission consisting of over 650 persons.
  • DO NOT MISS THE BUS! Buses are available at 5:00 AM and leave promptly at 5:20 AM. The buses leave from NH Shopping Center and you do not want to miss this bus!
  • Upon Arrival: Your gear bag that you have with you on the bus is your golden ticket off the bus and into Troop D. On your gear bag, should be a colored ribbon and a number. The colored ribbon is provided for you in your Rider Registration Bag. The number tag is the same number that is on your bike tube.  This number will direct you once allowed in the rear of Troop D to where your bike is located (they are in numerical order). PLEASE REMEMBER, GEAR BAGS CANNOT EXCEED 20 LBS!

Some Common FAQ’s!

Q: What happens if I drift back during the day?
A: Don’t worry! Continue following the leader (rider in front of you), and make sure you stay on the right side of the 2×2 formation. Once at the next stop, check with a shepherd and they will guide you.

Q: How many times will I be allowed to SAG?
A: We hope that you get to enjoy the entire day from your bike. If you have to SAG for a reason other than a mechanical, you may be asked to remain in that SAG for a period of time until the last leg.

Q: How does my family reach me on Ride Day?
A: If you have a family emergency, or need to be reached, give your family Kyle Simpson’s number, 315-725-7804. He will be located in the Command Car and will be able to get a message to any rider while at a stop or on the road.

Q: Ride Day, should I ride the bus, drive myself, or what?
A: We greatly appreciate those who utilize our provided means of transportation to Troop D as we will be giving out meaningful information about the day on the way there. Those who MUST be dropped off, must do so away from Troop D. No public vehicles or individuals without proper credentials will be allowed on the campus of the New York State Police.

Q: How should my family watch me?
A: Share the Ride Route with them and if they choose to position themselves along the route that is GREAT! Following the Ride Procession is STRICTLY PROHIBITED and vehicles will be stopped if they are spotted doing so.

Safety is the #1 priority and concern for the Escort Team and these vehicles jeopardize said safety.

Rules of the Road!

  • Follow the leader!!!
  • Call out ALL commands
  • Stay SILENT the entire duration of Silent Tributes out of respect for the families and riders around you
  • Please use clear hand signals during Silent Tributes
  • If you fall back, stay to the right to load into the appropriate chute at the next stop
  • NEVER cross the yellow line!
  • No phones, music devices, or use of Aero Bars
  • Follow the requests of the Shepard’s
  • Keep your eyes forward and use a mirror only if necessary
  • Keep both hands on your bike at all times and refrain from slapping hands with students
  • A clock will be available at all stops giving you an accurate countdown to the time remaining at each stop
  • Stay alert, and stay hydrated
  • Most importantly, enjoy your day, remember the mission, take time to interact with the students and HAVE FUN!

Some Notes About Packing 

Because of the anticipated higher temperatures & humidity forecasted for tomorrow, we advise that you do not plan on wearing your rain gear as we do not want anyone overheating. Pack your items for ride day (perhaps a towel or 2) in a plastic bag before putting them into your gear bag. This way if your bag gets wet due to the rain, the items inside your bag will stay dry. We are going to try and keep tarps over the bags if it rains, but cannot guarantee that they won’t get “a little bit” wet.

Some things to remember:

  • Rain gear and towel
  • Biofreeze or muscle rub (I didn’t know I needed to pack this until I desperately needed it last year)
  • Pain reliever of your choice
  • Some folks like a little caffeine for later in the day
  • Sunscreen & chapstick (even if it is cloudy)
  • Spare contact lenses
  • Flip flops for after!!!!

Last but not least – here is a handy Schools, Tributes and Stops graphic for you to download and share!


See you tomorrow!