The Ride for Missing Children’s reputation is dependent upon the good judgment, high ethical standards and personal integrity of every individual participant.

Unlike most fundraisers; The Ride for Missing Children places you, as a participant, in the midst of, and encourages interaction with, children at a number of schools through our outreach programs and along our route on ride day. In addition, you, as a member of the Ride family, will find yourself interacting with current and former missing children and their families throughout your preparations for, and participation in The Ride.

Due to the unique nature of these relationships and your ability to participate in, but not limited to, the following activities:

  • Child safety, abduction prevention and historical presentations involving school children their teachers
    and family members;
  • Interactions with former missing children and the families of missing and exploited children;
  • Interactions with members of the community and the media, among others;

We, as riders and volunteers, must hold ourselves to a code of conduct and ethical behavior befitting the privilege of this level of interaction and access.

In light of the unprecedented access and in keeping with the need to model and abide by behavioral standards of our schools and to protect and keep confidential details of the personal journeys and ongoing investigations involving current and former missing children and their family members, we have adopted the following standards of behavior.

This code governs the conduct of everyone who is a member [hereinafter to include all volunteers, riders, committee members, family members of missing and exploited children, vendors, sponsors of the RFMC] and includes any RFMC event or activity, including social media discussions and/or comments related to the RFMC or its members.


  • Any physical or verbal action by a member which violate the rules or standards regarding organizational values, beliefs, and ethics of NCMEC and the RFMC Central New York.
  • Communicating messages through words, actions or symbols that are profane, lewd, sexually explicit, vulgar or abusive; which may incite, harm or threaten another person; advocates or encourages the abuse of alcohol or unlawful drugs at any RFMC event or activity; actions that may constitute a health or safety hazard, creates, or reasonably might create a substantial disruption or interference with the mission, work or discipline of the RFMC CNY or NCMEC.
  • Urging or aiding others in the commission of any of the acts prohibited
  • Retaliation
  • Bullying or cyber bullying


Any member who is substantially disruptive or violates the rules of this code may be directed to leave the RFMC CNY event or function immediately and/or will be directed to meet with the appropriate committee (e.g. Leadership Team, Rider Safety Committee) which will review the
offense and decide disciplinary action that may include being dismissed as a member of the RFMC CNY.

Failure to comply with the standards, contained in this Ethics and Conduct Policy, will result in disciplinary action that may include suspension, termination of participation in the RFMC activities, removal from a policymaking position (such as membership on a committee or Leadership Team), termination of contract, referral for criminal prosecution, and/or reimbursement to the RFMC for any losses or damages resulting from the violation. As with all matters involving disciplinary action, principles of fairness will apply. Any person charged with a violation of this policy will be given an opportunity to explain his or her actions before the appropriate disciplinary action is taken.

Disciplinary action may be taken if anybody:

  1. Authorizes or participates directly in actions which are a violation of this policy.
  2. Deliberately fails to report a violation or withholds relevant and material information concerning a violation of this policy.
  3. Directly or indirectly retaliates against any other member for reporting a violation of this policy, or encourages other to do so.
  4. Anyone suspended from Ride activities for cause may apply for re-admission to The Ride by appearing before the Leadership Team to explain why they should be allowed to again be a member of The Ride. If they successfully demonstrate that they will abide by all the rules and codes of conduct for The Ride, they may be allowed back into The Ride on a one year provisional basis. Any infraction during that provisional basis will be cause for suspension from The Ride. Any Ride participant that is suspended from The Ride twice, will not be considered again for Ride participation.

The Ride is a guest in the communities we ride through as well as the public and private institutions we visit. Bad or questionable behavior could result in loss of privileges to The Ride. It is therefore imperative that all participants adhere to this policy for the benefit and the future of The Ride.