Join us for this humbling experience.


Our Texas Ride family, on a mission.


A bike ride in Austin, TX.


Thank you to our generous sponsors.


Friday May 17, 2019
Texas Capitol

You’ll be riding 2 x 2 as a unified team of bicyclists for 30 miles, escorted by the APD Police and local law enforcement of the jurisdictions along our route. The Ride stops at schools along the way for educational rest stops. We engage with the students bringing our message of child safety and abduction prevention and there is often a presentation at each school. For others, we Ride by while the students cheers us on. Before the Ride we reach out to schools that may or may not be along the Ride route with educational and awareness programs.

The Ride for Missing Children, and the mission of the NCMEC–TX office does not happen without the efforts of countless volunteers. Participation opportunities abound both on the day of The Ride, and throughout the year. Day-of-the-Ride volunteers provide logistical support to Riders all along the route, and in particular at school rest stops. While the Riders are the most visible part of the Ride, Volunteers are equal members of the team. The Ride for Missing Children does not happen without the support, assistance, and efforts of the Volunteers. Volunteers are needed not just on the day of The Ride but throughout the year helping with planning for the annual Ride event, and assisting in the mission of NCMEC-TX.


To participate as a Rider, you must be willing and capable of making several commitments.

Sponsored by the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children Texas Regional Office (NCMEC/TX), the Austin Ride for Missing Children is a bike ride that raises funds to support prevention education programs in the community.

Each rider is responsible for submitting a pledge log noting contributions totaling at least $250 regardless of age, occupation or scholastic status. The donations cannot be split among riders.