The 20th Annual Rochester Ride For Missing Children is Friday, May 15, 2020

Check-In begins at 6:45am at Total Sports Experience (435 W. Commercial St., East Rochester, NY 14445) and the Opening Ceremony begins at 7:20am. The Ride departs at 8:00am. Support vehicles are available all day if a rider is unable to complete all 100 miles.

Full Century Riders are anticipated to arrive back at Total Sports Experience around 5:00 PM. 50 mile riders will return to TSE from the lunch stop. All riders are invited to the closing ceremony and are encouraged to share in the celebration and enjoy food and beverage.

Rochester Ride For Missing Children Rider Commitments

  • Raise a minimum of $300 to support our prevention education programs. If you recruit a NEW rider, you both pledge only $250 each. Wonderful incentive prizes for pledges over $400 will be available this year! All pledges must be in by May 14th. Please use this donation log for off-line donations. RFMC 2020-Donation-Log
  • Help NCMEC in our mission in promoting awareness of the plight of all missing and exploited children and the need for child safety    and abduction prevention education.
  • Participate in, train for, and ride in the 50 -100 mile Ride for Missing Children at a pace of 15 – 17 mph (on the flats).
  • If you are “new” to the Ride for Missing Children, you must complete a minimum of 2 Orientation Rides to be certified to ride.The goal of the orientation rides is to learn how to ride together in a large group over a long distance at a uniform pace. All Riders are encouraged to make at least one ride so that we can train as a group. Endurance training should be done on the riders own time. Orientation Ride Schedule Coming Soon!

Ride the 50 or 100 mile bicycle route
It is important to think of the Ride as an awareness event – not a race or endurance event. Although we encourage everyone to train properly for this distance, you are not required to ride the entire route. Each Rider will have the opportunity to take rest breaks in our Rider’s Bus. This way you will be able to ride safely and enjoy our ride back home. The 50 mile riders will return to TSE from the lunch stop.

SAG Wagons
SAG Wagons (“Supplies and Gear”) will be available to carry your gear along the Ride. At each rest stop the SAG Wagon crew arrives ahead of us to set up the food and beverage tables and have your gear bags ready for you. Riders are asked to keep the weight of their gear bags to less than 20 lbs. Information on what to bring with you is given at our Rider meetings, in our Rider Manual and Ride emails.

There are vehicles available as part of our procession for Riders who are not able to maintain the Ride pace during a portion of the Ride. We strongly urge each Rider to properly train for the 50 -100 mile Ride. Participation in group orientation rides is mandatory. In the orientation rides you will learn important skills for riding in a large group and maintaining an even riding pace.

What to Pack for Ride Day
You will have access to your gear at every stop!

  • Wear your Ride jersey as your outer layer
  • Wear padded cycling shorts/pants and cycling gloves
  • Extra layers of clothing, extra socks
  • Spare tube for your bike
  • Sunscreen
  • Rain Gear
  • Ibuprofen
  • Tissues
  • Chapstick
  • Any special dietary needs

This is a Rain or Shine Ride
The Ride for Missing Children is a rain or shine ride. We have thousands of school children waiting for us to visit them with our message of child safety. All Riders should be prepared for all kinds of weather on the day of the Ride. We encourage you to attend our orientation rides to experience the effects of rain on your bike and to learn to dress for any type of weather.